3 Reasons Why Families Should Go Tiny!

My family doesn’t fully understand the reasons why I live in a tiny house and why I have a homestead. There is still this learning curve for them. My grandmother is incredibly supportive, because it brings back the loveliest of memories for her of a simpler time. My mother likes the adventurous aspect of tiny house living and my aunt and uncle are lukewarm to the idea, but they still don’t understand it.

At the end of the day this is your life and you must do what makes you happy. My grandmother recently told me that we need to make our own decisions away from any influence. That whether it is right or wrong it is ours and we must own our decisions with wisdom and strength. Going tiny has many benefits. Going tiny as a family has even more benefits. Here are my 3 reasons why going tiny as a family is the way to go.

  • Legacy – I wrote about this in October of last year for the Tiny House magazine. I am leaving a legacy for my son. As a single mom, land ownership and home ownership is something that is difficult to acquire these days. To be able to own my own home and 15 acres of land, shows my son that financial freedom is possible without carrying debt. If I die tomorrow I leave him collateral. I leave him ownership. I do not pass on my debt. It is a legacy. Something he can give to his kids and their kids there after. They may sell the house and the land. Or they may keep it. Whatever they do with it, I have left them a great gift that some don’t get the blessing to achieve in this lifetime. I do not take it for granted.
  • Quality time – Operative word is quality. In a large home we tend to fill it with stuff. Stuff takes over the time you would spend together. You still spend time together – but the quality of that time is not there. In our tiny home my son and I talk all the time, we play card games, we build things and we work on our homestead. Don’t get me wrong, I am still busy, but the quality of our relationship is different, because it’s a much slower paced life and I am in his direct vicinity. TV is not a distraction. His computer is not a distraction. We spend more time outside. I cook every meal. We still have privacy in our own lofts, but our common areas have brought us closer.
  • You stop caring – There came a time where I just stop caring about what my house was supposed to look like and what I was supposed to achieve. I was finally free and that is what tiny house living does for you. It’s yours. No one can take it away from you and no one can tell you how it should look or how much it is supposed to cost.


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