3 Things No One Ever Told You About a Tiny HOMEstead!


Having a tiny house and a homestead kind of seems like a contradiction, but it truly isn’t. We loved the idea of having less stuff in our home and a larger piece of land to homestead on. For us it was about nature, the experience and becoming completely self-sufficient. We got our dream when we took the brave plunge into this incredibly rewarding lifestyle. We have never had a day of regret. Ever!

Yet, there are many things that people don’t tell you about this lifestyle. Things we wished we would have known in advance, no matter how minute they are. Today I share with you 3 things no one ever told you about a Tiny HOMEstead:

  1. Blue tarps are the ugliest things in the world, but regrettably they do serve a greater purpose. Blue tarps are a quick and inexpensive way to protect construction materials, tools, even areas where you keep your animals. They are a temporary solution while you complete your project. You will hate and love the blue tarps! I absolutely hate how ugly they are, but love that they are a quick inexpensive solution when and if needed.
  2. Do not live in your tiny house while you construct it. I have shared this several times and I will share it again. If you have the luxury to construct your tiny house before you move into it, take that option! We are a family of three and it has been incredibly stressful to live in a small space while we construct it, but we do love seeing the progress first hand and the transition from construction zone to beautiful home is rewarding. We jumped in because we wanted to get started on this journey as soon as possible and we don’t regret it.
  3. Nothing will happen on a timeline or by a deadline. Our tiny home is not done yet. Our homestead has dozens of projects to get completed. The list is endless. We work everyday Monday – Sunday, from day to night. Even with three of us, the projects are endless. This will be something you work towards for the rest of your life.

At the end of the day we regret nothing. We own something beautiful. We have poured every penny we have into this gorgeous tiny house-offgrid-homestead-mountain life and we can’t get enough of it. It is ours. We are creating it just the way we want it to be and there is no greater satisfaction.

Would you take the brave plunge into a tiny HOMEstead life?

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