Several years ago Bonnielee Cuevas and her family ditched conventionalism and built a tiny house on a 15-acre off-grid homestead in the majestic mountains of Tennessee 2000 feet above elevation. They lived an incredible life and found themselves with an abundance of gratitude for the journey. In summer 2017 they decided to take this minimalist, eco-friendly lifestyle a little bit further. They began the steps to build a tiny house bus and they depart in fall 2018 to travel Central America and South America to see this beautiful world, learn other cultures and do some good along the way through humanitarian missions. Bohemian EcoLove was founded on their expertise and wisdom. Bohemian stands for breaking conventionalism and EcoLove for their love and respect of nature. Follow their journey through this digital archive and through social media.

Bonnielee and her significant other are an unschooling family. Bonnielee’s incredible teenage son Jr. is a competitive sports shooter and lover of all things history and Greek Mythology. He enjoys technology as much as disconnecting, he has a passion for survivalism and outdoor adventures. He is an avid swimmer and enjoys time with the family’s 2 dogs. He values good health and fitness.

Boninielee’s life partner/love CK is passionate about traveling, homesteading and off-grid living. He is an expert gardener. He is retired as an automotive and construction industry expert with over 25 years experience. Having a background as an artist, he continues to enjoy projects the feed the soul with creative artistic ventures.

Bonnielee attended Washington Adventist College & Academy of Art University. She has been a successful multi-passionate entrepreneur for over 17 years with successful businesses in the beauty, fitness, wellness and eco-friendly lifestyle industries and as a journalist for over 10 years. In 2016 she served as a Director and Vice President for The American Tiny House Association. She was a speaker at several United Tiny House Festival events and the Tiny House Jamboree. She has also been featured on Buzzfeed, Tiny House Magazine, Tiny House Podcast & Tiny House Summit.

She has also been featured in Volup 2 Magazine, Curvy Magazine, CBS Radio Minnesota on the Jordana Green Show, Volup2 Magazine, Fashion School Daily, Pensacola News Journal, ADWEEK, Business Insider, Jacksonville Daily News and Eye on Real Estate with Dottie Herman. She was also voted Vogue’s Top 1000 Influencer. She has also been an Onslow County’s Woman of the Year Nominee.

She has held certifications in fitness and wellness. Has been As an avid volunteer for many years. She continues to practice peace, love and compassion in everything she does. She is an advocate for important causes that affect women and families. Bonnielee Cuevas continues her work and education in the metaphysical, holistic wellness, herbalism, permaculture and yoga industries.