Big Income Tiny Living!


One of the main questions that we get while living tiny (as in our tiny house and our tiny HOMEstead) is how do you make money?

We wanted to give you some inside tips on how to live happily in your tiny house, with less things and a good monthly income.

The truth is that unless you have money saved and are able to retire right now for the rest of your life you are going to have to work.

No matter how tiny you live, or how much less you need and have in your life, you need money. Even though we are building a sustainable and self-sufficient life, by growing our own food, raising our own animals and living off-grid, we still need money to make this happen. We still need money for necessities and a few luxuries we can’t live without.

There are a few ways to work from home and have a solid income.

Here are few ways to do so (I have too long a list to post here, but hope this gives you some food for thought):

Blogging – Blogging can give you a substantial income, but you won’t see a return on your investment for quite some time. It is very uncertain. Some have a niche and are able to secure a consistent income within a few months. Others can take up to a year or even more. You have to treat blogging like a business. You have to know your site stats, have a media kit, have a BRAND.  You need to figure out how you want to make money from blogging.

A few ways to do so are; advertisers and sponsors that pay you monetarily or with product to test out them out, write about them and share on your social media. You more than likely will need a huge number of followers. In this arena it is a numbers game. Even if you have loyal followers that never miss your updates, more than likely a sponsor will go with a competitor that has a large number of followers (active followers, not spam or fake accounts that were purchased). If you get good traction on your site it doesn’t hurt to add google adwords to your site. Google adwords is an application that cycles ads on your site. You set up the banner size you want, answer a few questions and you are able to make money each time someone clicks on those ads. 

Social Media Manager/Marketer- This is our secondary income, aside from my coaching service that I offer though my own brand, not our nonprofit foundation, (which took years to build. I have a very grassroots way of growing things, sadly that takes time, a lot of it). At times Social Media Manager and Social Media Marketer are interchangeable, depending on the company you work for. It basically means you “telecommute” also known as “work from home”. You manage a company’s brand by posting and updating their social media accounts. I work through a legitimate company, the CEO of the company is a best selling author and speaker. 

I get paid monthly. I get paid per account that I manage. Depending on the company you may get paid hourly or per account. I handle important client accounts for multi-million dollar companies. There is no room for error in this job and it is a position that is taken very seriously. You are representing the brand and they rely on you to provide impeccable service. You have to understand how social media works and have quite an extensive understanding of technology. The good news is even with the basics, companies are willing to train you and are in need of people like you.  A quick google search will connect you with dozens of social media management companies that are looking to hire you. 

Search Engine Evaluator – Google and other search engines will pay you to review data that comes up from specific searches they want you to look up. Your job is to search for mistakes. It is that simple. They are always hiring and Leap Force currently has listed an open position for this job here

Customer Service Agent- More than likely you will need to have a landline for these positions but companies like Alorica and Sykes Enterprises need customer service agents to answer calls for big brand stores like Walmart (you can also work directly for Walmart as a “work from home” customer service agent as well). 1800 Flowers and Enterprise also hire “work from home customer service agents. The job is monotonous, but it is a great way to live tiny and have a big income. 

Do you have a great “work from home” job you would like to share? Comment and let us know!


(Please note we are not endorsing any of these companies. Please do your due diligence and research before applying and accepting a position with one of these companies).

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