Composting Pallet Garden

Every pallet garden brings forth an awesomeness with it, as you make use of recycled materials. When you take nothing, and make it into something.

Taking what was once used for one thing, and can now be used for another. Growing your own food, and herbs puts your meals back into your control. We say it a lot, we know. We sound like a broken record. But it’s very true. A reminder doesn’t hurt. The entire process of growing your own food is made to look hard to discourage you from doing it yourself. But when you get into a routine. When you do it often, it becomes like second nature. It becomes incredibly peaceful, and even better for your health. Not just because of the food you put into your body but because of the entire process.┬áIt forces you to slow down. It makes you pay attention to one task. It eliminates stress because you are focused, and not plagued by everything else you have to do.

But we decided to take the pallet garden to an entirely new level. It was bigger than we anticipate, so we definitely recommend you go smaller.

We added more boards at the end to hold in the soil in better. We also planted in every other slot to allow growth, and easy watering. We also saw the pallet garden as a great way to grow beautiful flowers, and lots of herbs. Your bigger vegetables, and plants are not recommended for this project. Our new level added a wealth of nutrients to our soil because we incorporated a composting tube that funneled the leftovers right into the soil. We recommend lots of watering for your soil. For your compost making sure you chop everything very well, add browns like paper, and leaves, and greens like your vegetables, and eggshells. Not meats, dairy, or oils. If you get a slight odor you have too much moisture in it. It has become moldy, or has begun rotting. You need more browns. We recommend putting your compost ingredients in a coffee container first for a few days with a balanced mixture of these things, and putting it in your composting tube. Or even premixing it in the container, shaking it up, and pouring into the tube immediately. For details on how to make your own watch the video below on how to make your own composting pallet garden.

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    There is no video on here for watching how to make a composting pallet garden.
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