An Eco-Friendly Way to Wash Your Clothes Without Electricity

Whether you are eco-obssessed, trying to find new ways to use less energy, or finding a solution for your tiny home.

We have four ideas on how to get your clothes clean with little to no electricity. The product is out there. With a little research we found four options that are great for your tiny home. Remember you are working with limited space. Even though you have downsized your belongings it still doesn’t mean you won’t get dirty. In all honesty I like these solutions because it’s a great chore for Jr. to do. I think it will teach him a great deal about responsibility.

Here are the options we found and how they work.


The Laundry Pod

You place your Laundry Pod on a hard, stable surface. Set up the drain valve on the side of the device. You unhook the lid on the top of the device. Fill it half way with water, and hopefully your homemade detergent. You can fit up to ten clothing items in The Laundry Pod. Turn the handle slowly for a few minutes. Drain using the side valve and then repeat the process without laundry detergent to rinse your clothes clean. This one retails for about $99 dollars.


The Wonder Wash

This washer is also hand-powered. This washer does not have an agitator. This one retails for about $42 dollars


The Mini Wash Plus

This washer hooks up to a 110V outlet. You do not need to manually pour out your water and it has an automatic rinse cycle. This washer can fit on a countertop for draining if needed as well. This washer retails for about $99 dollars.


The Eco Egg Mini Washing Machine

This washer hooks up right to your faucet! It doesn’t get any easier than that. This washer retails for about $109 dollars.



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