A Free Life Wrapped in the Dream of a Tiny Home

A free life comes wrapped in the dream of a tiny home. A place where the heart is. There is no debt. There is freedom to go wherever your heart chooses, and your domicile, the place you have made your safe haven travels with you. Peace comes from knowing that your life is exactly how you wanted it to be. The tiny home concept is not far fetched at all. It is one that has risen in popularity over the years. But not because it is a trend that will soon fall off the radar. But because people are sick and tired of stuff! They want to downsize not upgrade.

But there are some things you need to consider before you take on this freedom. With these ten steps Carl and I lay out for you what life is like in the planning phase of building your tiny home.


Although these are not the panels we plan on using (we will reveal the amazing light weight material we will be using over the next few weeks) these were a great option to look at on our Lowe’s late night trip.

  • A tiny home is not about just financial freedom it is about a simpler way of life. Before you embark on this adventure and trust us, it is an adventure that will test your friendships, relationships and life, make sure that you are ready. Do your research. Email other people via their blogs or Facebook groups to find out more about the process and how they felt before, during and after. People are really open and willing to share their ideas and thoughts with you because they believe in this dream.
  • Once your research is done it is time to begin what we like to call a business plan for your life. A sort of blueprint for what you have coming up. Use this list to create a to do list with milestones that you want to hit at certain intervals. Whether that is weekly or monthly.


Another set of building panels at Lowe’s

  • It’s time to start planning the building of your tiny home. Are you going to have it built or are you taking on the task of building it yourself. If you are going to build it yourself it is time to create the actual blueprint for your home. We have some great programs from amazing sponsors we will share over the next few weeks with you that will be helpful so stay tuned!
  • Carl, Jr & I have decided to live in a studio apartment right now to experience this much smaller environment as we are building our tiny home (We have taken on this task ourselves. God help us! But with Carl’s construction, and my interior design expertise we are confident our tiny home will be everything we dreamed of).


Hardibacker Board at Lowe’s (Designed to be put behind tiles, shower walls, and sinks. Any area that may be exposed to water).

  • It’s also time to downsize. Even if you have savings to invest in building your tiny home, downsizing to what you will need not what you want, will help you through this process. Sell items and put that money into your savings. Donate items and give back. Carl has always been a minimalist. Jr & I…well not so much. We have an exorbent amount of stuff to the point of ridiculously gluttonous. We have begun selling or donating items. And let me tell you it has been a life cleanse. It has made us so much more thankful and aware of the things we need and not the things that we have to have because it is in trend. Jr & I truly left the city life behind and embraced this eco-friendly, sustainable life!
  • As you begin with the construction of your tiny home it’s time to truly take on sustainability through the entire project. Use sites like Craiglist, Freecycle.org, to get free building materials. Habitat for Humanity also has a resale store and that could be very beneficial to this process.


One of the things I (Bonnielee) could not live without in our tiny home. For more interior design ideas check out our Pinterest board here.

  • Think outside of the box. I asked for two things. These are two things I can’t live without. I wanted a red door (the color stands for prosperity), and I wanted a tub. Yes! A tub! And it is possible in a tiny home. Through research we decided that we will be converting a horse trough into our tub. It fits perfectly in the space. Carl needed to have a spacious kitchen and Jr. needed a great loft to lounge and as he puts it “I never want to make my bed”.
  • The one thing Carl and I find frustrating is cataloging our ideas. Our recommendation is Pinterest for images and bookmark other sites and ideas in folders. Our phones, tablets, and iPads are essential for us. Carl is also a pragmatic person so for him he has to catalog everything in a word document. Print it. Laminate it and file it in a binder separated by tabs. This way we have a backup if by any chance our electronics are not available. I am a very technical girl and Carl can be very old-school. We are polar opposites but it works. Whatever your choice make sure it works well for all of you.


We needed some materials for our temporary domicile (the studio). Carl is doing some electrical work.

  • Communicate. It is so important. As a couple or as a family you have to work on this. You are about to downsize and you are going to be in each others face and in each others space all the time. I hate communicating. I bottle things up while Carl likes to talk things out, create a solution and solve things fast! He has definitely taught me a lot about communicating and it has been helpful for us. We are growing as a couple, as a family and as Lifestyle Experts.
  • This one is easy! Have fun. It’s your dream come true. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. We believe in you and if this is what you want go for it. (PS… we shared some pics of our late night Lowe’s run as we move into our temporary domicile (a studio) and beginning phase of our tiny home).


Carl hates pics! I had to sneak one in. You will usually see his face covered by food or him walking away from our pics! Jr and I on the other hand are a selfie King and Queen. 








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