Homesteading FAQ

What is a homestead?

It is a home and farm. It consists of your land, your home, all animal areas, gardens, crops and more.

What is a Tiny HOMEstead?

It is a term that we proudly and humbly coined. It means your tiny house and your homestead.

Does a Homestead have to be off-grid?

No, your homestead can be connected to the grid. It is whatever preference works for your family.

How big does a homestead have to be?

Your homestead can be as small or large as you would like. I currently own 15 acre and haven’t even touched a portion of all that land.

What do you do on a homestead?

Your homestead is your haven. It is where you live and work. It is a sustainable way of living and consists of leaving the grocery store experience…meaning that you ultimately can feed yourself and your family from your garden and your animals. You can make and sell things. You can make your own items such as, clothing, utensils, etc. There are many avenues to sustainable living on a homestead.

For some it is as simple as having a few farm animals, a garden and adapting small ways of sustainable living, while having many modern luxuries. For others it can be on a larger scale, where they completely abandon the grocery store experience for a simpler, more old-fashioned way of life.

I have a happy balance of modern amenities and technologies, along with a simpler, old-fashioned way of life. Every day I strive to live a minimalistic and sustainable life.