Homesteading: Grow Your Own Food!


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There is this misconception that the food you buy in the grocery store is good for you.

That others have our best interest at heart. But the reality is, that is far from the truth. You are what you eat and why would you trust someone else with your health? Carl is a big vegetable eater. I thought I was until we met and fell in love. He can literally sit there, and eat tomatoes or whatever vegetable is at hand and pop them like tic tacs. I fear that at some point they won’t make it to the dinner table. I have a fitness background and he kind of puts me to shame. But he has also enlightened my son, and I to the many benefits of trading in the skittle rainbow for a much more healthier vegetable option.


Photo Credit: Martyn E. Jones

As a family we realize the tiny home is just a small part of the picture.

We want sustainability. We want to homestead and create an environment where we walk out of our front door, down the tiny stairs, and right into our own garden. This is not going to be the easiest task as there needs to be a greater understanding of the land around us. We anticipate our first season will be a rough one while we get a grip on how to let our garden grow. But WE are in control of what we put into our bodies, and how we live. That comes with a strong sense of freedom for our life, and our health.


Photo Credit: The Seed Guy.Com

Even if you are not looking to downsize, and homestead you can definitely grow things in your own backyard or even your apartment.

Upon research Carl found “The Seed Guy” and we really dig him. It’s a great starting point for those looking to get a variety of fruits, and vegetable seeds. These are heirloom seeds meaning that these seeds have been passed down from generation to generation. They rely on open, and natural pollination from insects, and or wind. Most people are not aware that seeds taken from fruits, and vegetables that are store bought are genetically modified so they will not produce as well as the mother plant.


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In all you do. Do not get discouraged.

Have a plan B, and learn from your mistakes. No one said it would be an easy process, but it will be a pretty amazing adventure filled with homesteading memories to perfect your plans for the future.

What are your most exciting plans for your garden?


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