How to Make Your Tiny Space Feel Bigger!


We love our Tiny House!

You would be surprised how much room a family of three actually needs. We as a society have been programmed to believe that we need more stuff! The reality is that we have more things in our large spaces that we don’t use, never really needed and is collecting dust. When you live in a smaller space you are reprogramming yourself to only have the things you will use daily, weekly and monthly. Anything that is used less than that really isn’t worth it. However, when living in a tiny house the one thing we all need is room! Room to move around, to create, to feel like we can exist without being on top of one another and most of all, to look around and feel that your space is open, airy and welcoming. To feel that it is bigger than it really is. Here are our top 3 ways to make your tiny space feel bigger:


Paint. Paint is a great way to make your room feel bigger. We used a very light mocha color in our living room. It is warm enough that when the sun light comes in through the windows it illuminates the room. It gives it a glow and also makes it feel larger than what it is. In our kitchen we did a light blue ombre combination. We started with the darker color on the bottom and we got lighter as we made our way to the top. The ceiling we kept a warm white.

Windows. We have put windows on our barn doors, windows in our living room next to the kitchen, windows in our lofts and windows in our bathroom. A window brings in light, allows for air flow and also brings the outside in. It makes your space feel bigger.

An Open Floor Plan. Our greatest mistake was putting the bathroom and the kitchen side by side. This boxes these two rooms in. Versus putting the bathroom behind the kitchen. Definitely take the time to work on your floor plan. We love our tiny house and are almost done with our build, but we wish we would have allowed for a better open floor plan. We love our big bathroom and horse trough tub, but you want to have as much open space as possible.

What are you working on for your tiny house?

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