Keeping Your Tiny Home Safe


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You have taken your dream, and made it your reality.

You have taken years of monetary memories, sold them, donated them, packed them up, and moved them into your tiny home. You have invested your savings into buying, or building this place. This is the place that you have chosen to live out your tiny house dreams. You were brave enough to go against society standards. You were courageous enough to do the unordinary, but the extraordinary. But, how do you protect your tiny home? From theft, from fire, from the weather? Here are a few ways to keep your assets safe. To hold on to your dream, and live it as long as possible.

Keeping your tiny home safe requires preparation. We have laid out some easy plans for you below.


The reality is that your tiny house will not fit the mold for traditional insurance. If your house was built by a company it may meet RVIA standards. You can have it RVIA certified (you can also build your tiny home to RVIA standards, and then have it insured as such. Even if you built it yourself you have options. Farmers Insurance has been known to insure tiny homes. You can also contact Darrell Grenz of Grenz Insurance Agency ( or 503-206-6736). He has connected with Lloyd’s of London to offer tiny house insurance. However, it is only available in select areas. You can also take out personal property insurance to insure your belongings such as jewelry, laptops, computers, etc.


In-Home Safety Measures

There is no reason for you not to be safe within your tiny home. Building some type of egress window, or fire emergency exit in your lofts. Buy a carbon monoxide detector, and fire alarm. Place a fire extinguisher in each of your lofts, and kitchen area. Disguise your hitch to avoid theft. Placing battery operated sensors on the windows, and doors as a deterrent. Outdoor solar powered lighting that turns on automatically because they have sensors. And sometimes good old-fashioned common sense. Letting a trusted neighbor or friend know you are away, and asking them to keep an eye out on your home.



While Constructing Your Tiny Home

When constructing your tiny home look into installing steel straps. And depending on where your home will sit looking into welding down scissor jacks into your trailer, as you will need this. And making sure you have the right anchors. Ensure all your electrical components stay dry. Unplug electronics, and appliances when you are not using them. Protect your cords, and check them regularly. Insulate your plumbing. Because when freezing temperatures come (even in Florida there can be freezing temps), you want to make sure your pipes do not burst.

Share with us how you plan on protecting, or have protected your tiny house?




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