Minimalism: Experiences Before Things


Part of living a minimalistic life

is realizing that experiences are far more important than things. Items can be replaced, but memories cannot.


We make memories where ever we go.

This past Sunday it was at Terhune Orchards in Princeton, New Jersey. They were having their fall festival and it was filled with good eats, folk music, wagon rides, petting zoos, apple and pumpkin picking and wine tastings. It was also my 35th birthday and being around my son and my mother made this important day, one I will never forget.

Family isn’t always blood.

Family can be great friends and neighbors. I have a few of those myself. They have become an extension to my blood-related family. Whatever you seek in life, seek it with the people that support you and make you happy and vice versa.

As we were leaving the orchard

I saw two guys who were from different backgrounds, different styles, and were definitely friends. They were entering the apple picking area all smiles. They were best buds and they took the time to do something that brought them joy and create some good memories.


OH! Don’t forget to unplug

or you will miss some of life’s hidden treasures. Except for the few pictures I took. I really tried to ┬áput my phone away while I was interacting with my family. I know it’s hard! But you have to shut off your phone, or put it away and take it all in.

What are some of your favorite memories ever made?

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