Off Grid Living FAQ

What is off-grid living?

It is a lifestyle where people choose to live without the support of a remote infrastructure.

How does off-grid living work?

It can vary. You can choose to be completely off-the-grid or partially off-the-grid. You choose alternative sources of energy/power. For electricity you can use solar power, hydropower or wind turbines. Heating your home can also be done through a wood stove. For water you can set up a system that uses water from your creek, or well.

There are many options for different aspects of living off-grid. However, this also depends on your county and state. It is now illegal to live or have any aspect of your life off-the-grid in many places.

It is best to take the time to do your research and sometimes you can work with your local zoning offices.

How much does an off-grid set up cost?

Your off-grid set up varies. A solar system can run you a few thousand dollars or less. It depends on what you are doing with your set up. For example, I purchased our solar panel system, with everything for about a $1,000. We shopped around and got some great deals. You have to take the time to do your research and be patient.

Can a Tiny House Be Off-Grid?

Absolutely! My tiny home has running water, electricity, and heat.