What Does it Mean to Truly Live Off-Grid?

What does it mean to truly live “off-grid” ?

There are many varying degrees to living “off-grid.”  There are also many opinions of what living off-grid means. They vary from disconnecting a home from the corporate supplied electric, and utilities. To extreme cases of total isolation from anything that is supplied from an outside source. In my humble opinion, there is no wrong answer. Any movement towards being self sufficient, no matter how small, is a move towards a better tomorrow.  To me personally, I feel that living off grid, would mean I would have to supply my own electricity and water, and eliminate the grocery store experience from my life. It sounds simple enough, right?  When you really consider all the things that you buy from the store on a regular basis, how would one go about eliminating the trip to the store all together?


(We have started taking the coffee grounds from our K-Cups, and saving them to add to our compost for our pallet garden).

I have personally spent hundreds of hours online, searching, and researching every product I could think of.

Reverse engineering each one down to its simplest ingredient/form. Then finding out how I could make that product, or replace it with something else that I could make.  It’s quite overwhelming at times. For instance, let’s say I want to supply my own eggs. To do this, I need chickens. Let’s start by realizing how many different breeds of chickens there are out there. How do I decide which one will be best for me to raise?  After the research is done and a decision is made on the breed, we now have to find a way to feed our chickens, without buying anything from the store. No feed, no vitamins, no calcium supplements.  How do I feed them, and keep them healthy, naturally, with nothing purchased? 


(We take our K-Cup coffee grounds, and pour them into a reused coffee container. It’s a great way to practice homesteading, and live eco-friendly. The great part it’s easy, becomes part of your day, and only takes a few seconds to do.)


Believe me when I tell you, it can be done. I’ve done the research.

I now understand that free-roaming chickens can feed themselves.  However, they are susceptible to predators and they will lay their eggs anywhere they wish. What if I want to keep them contained, still fed and happy? Now we get into growing grains, and raising soldier fly larva. I understand there are many different ways of doing the same thing. The point I’m trying to make, is that it can be very complicated to gain all the knowledge required, just to be successful at raising chickens, so you can eat your eggs. The same, in depth process, can be found for every product you would normally purchase.


(Peppermint from our very own wood pallet garden).

This is why I have come to realize…

a community of people, each with their own individual experiences, and knowledge, is not only a good thing, but an absolute must, if you want to actually do more than just struggle every day to survive.  
By bringing together a group of people who all have different knowledge, and skills to share, a group, will be able to share in the work, and in the fruits of that labor. Not only surviving, but thriving! 


Bonnielee, Jr., and I have set a path for ourselves. 

We have our eyes, and ears open. We are searching for people from all walks of life. People to share in our off grid life.  Our Ultimate goal is to be able to live a day to day life, free from the constraints of depending on the world to supply our needs.  To have a community of off grid tiny home families, who grow, and raise their own food, help teach each other, and learn what others have to teach.

What are you looking forward to giving up to truly live off-grid?



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