Sponsored: Why We Chose Trojan Batteries for Our Off-Grid Solar System

Trojan Battery Warehouse in Nashville, Tennessee

 As my family prepares for our next step in our tiny house homesteading lifestyle, it meant that we would also have to increase our solar capacity to meet our current and future needs.

Our Trojan Batteries IND17-6V batteries

We have to say that our love for Trojan batteries began before we started this journey. They are ideal for off-grid & tiny house living. We have nothing but great things to say about them and we had purchased ours long before we had the pleasure of connecting with Trojan and they have more than lived up to our expectations, in every way they have exceeded them. The options are limitless. They have batteries light enough for tiny houses on wheels and for tiny houses & homesteads like ours (where we won’t be moving our batteries).

We had to first look at our solar set up and it is as follows:

4 (100 watt) panels

4 Trojan T-105 (6 Volt) Batteries (Battery Bank of 450 AMP hours @ 20 hour rate)

30 AMPS Charge Controller

3000 Peak 1500 RMS Inverter

Our Trojan Batteries each weigh 415 pounds.

We comfortably run our house on LED lighting, charge our electronics, run our internet service modem & router, a chest style freezer that has been converted into a refrigerator using a freezer thermostat (digital temperature controller), our blender, and on occasion my flat iron (because a girl always needs to have gorgeous hair when working on the homestead- JK), and my son’s gaming system.

The Forklift Adjusting the Pallet on the Bed of our Little Pick Up Truck

We then had to take the next step in perfecting our solar set up. We met with Trojan Batteries who conducted a case study on our Tiny House Homesteading methods and after careful consideration my family and I decided to go with 2 industrial batteries from Trojan. They are the IND17-6V batteries. Rather than boring you with all of the math. To simplify it and to make things simple it would require sixteen 100-Watt panels to provide the proper charging rate in amps. We have 4 and we need to secure 12 more. Most battery manufacturers suggest a bulk charging rate of 10% of the battery’s reserve capacity.

Our Trojan Batteries About to Be Unloaded Using Our Neighbors Tractor.

Thanks Neighbor! 🙂 🙂 

Our work is definitely cut out for us, but we take every step as an adventure and we can’t wait to go on this one. We will update you soon on our future solar system. In the meantime be sure to follow us on social @BohemianEcolove & right here on the site.

In the meantime enjoy the images in this article from our visit to the Trojan Battery Warehouse in Nashville, Tennessee to pick up our batteries and the unloading of the batteries back on our homestead.

Peace, Love & Light,

Bonnielee <3


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