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How to Make Your Tiny Space Feel Bigger!

We love our Tiny House! You would be surprised how much room a family of three actually needs. We as a society have been programmed to believe that we need more stuff! The reality is that we have more things in our large spaces that we don’t use, never really needed and is collecting dust. When you live in a…

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Big Income Tiny Living!

One of the main questions that we get while living tiny (as in our tiny house and our tiny HOMEstead) is how do you make money? We wanted to give you some inside tips on how to live happily in your tiny house, with less things and a good monthly income. The truth is that unless you have money saved…

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Tiny House Living Inspires Upcycling

Tiny house living is about so much more than downsizing. There is this creative group of people in this movement that are motivated, and inspired to make less of a carbon footprint. They are interested in connecting with their environment, protecting it, and realizing the benefits it will give them when they nurture it. They realize that more stuff is…

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