The Top 3 Things We Learned from Our Off-Grid Tiny HOMEstead


Most people that live the tiny house lifestyle do not choose to go off-grid and build a farm.

However, for us it was a no-brainer. Our hearts and minds knew this was the place for us and exactly what we wanted to do. In January of 2015 we purchased our 15 acres in rural Tennessee. In August of 2015 we moved to our property to begin building our tiny house and our off-grid homestead. Here we are almost a year later and this is what we learned:


  • Nothing will be perfect. Ever. When you are building a farm, a homestead, a tiny house, when you are off-grid, when you are taking care of the land nothing will be perfect. Every penny that we make from our jobs goes into this dream. Sadly, our money isn’t endless. So there are times that things are put together for practical uses versus aesthetics. I come from a Fashion background so this concept was the hardest to get rid of. I want everything beautiful and neat. Yeah, no! That won’t happen. It doesn’t mean that as projects get finished they won’t end up with that beautiful aesthetic, but as we are growing, there are times that something temporary is easier and more cost effective. An example would be when we decided to cover certain things with the ugly blue tarps (I hate those) than the other material that costs $50-$100 for each one you buy. That is money that we can put into feeding the animals, the garden that feeds us, and more. Things end up about practicality versus aesthetics and it is something you have to accept and learn to live with. I am learning and in many ways I am loving it. Less stress.


  • Never live in your tiny house while you are building it. Unless you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, we do not recommend you live in your tiny house while you are constructing it. We had no choice. We moved out here in August and by November no matter how hard we worked, time escaped us. It flew by. We had to move into our tiny house and put in our wood stove to make it through a cold mountain winter. Many of our things are in plastic bins and much of it is still in storage. Things are organized in their own crazy way. If you have the luxury to build before you move in, do so! If not be ready. It is not for the faint of heart. However, every time a part of the home gets finished it’s beautiful to see. It’s tangible and you are right there. Literally! We have all the faith in you if you decide to live in your house while you build it.


  • Things take time. I come from a corporate background. I have plans to execute and deadlines to meet. No matter how hard you try, when there are only two adults and one teenager getting the job done you won’t meet those deadlines. Even when we work from the wee hours in the morning to the wee hours in the night. However, you learn that life throws you curve balls and that this life doesn’t have deadlines.

At the end of the day we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

We learned who defines beauty.¬†WE DO. We create our own beauty and it may not be pretty for someone else, but it’s beautiful to us. We learned that building a house isn’t easy, but creating a home is. We learned that deadlines are bogus and that we want to enjoy the ride not the arrival.

What have you learned from your minimalist lifestyle?

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