What’s a Tiny House and Why Are You Building One?


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We get this question a lot! What is a tiny house? Well, a tiny house, or a small home is a movement where individuals and families have returned to living in less than 1,000 square feet. Many are as small as 80 square feet. As well as many of the structures are built on wheels so that your home goes wherever you go!

I guess we need to start at the beginning which will tell you why we are building one…

We are Carl, Bonnielee & Jr. We are excited to share our sustainable love story and our very unexpected family. In the simplest of terms and in the shortest of stories…

I (Bonnielee), was a high heel wearing, single homeschooling mom, Entrepreneur and Journalist from NYC who moved down south with my wonderful eleven year old son Jr. I incredibly met Carl a dad, an Entrepreneur, an amazing artist and the owner of a custom auto paint shop. In a nutshell as different as we were, we fell in love (we are imperfectly perfect for each other) and realized we shared this amazing passion we wanted to see come into fruition sooner rather than later.


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We have embarked on this awesome adventure to build our tiny home, and eventually live off-grid and become self sufficient where we are sustainable on our own (such as growing our own food, raising our own animals, etc). On this site we share our crazy adventures as two people in love, and as a very unexpected family. We share our progress on our tiny home, sustainability and homesteading. We also share all of our knowledge and our expertise as Lifestyle Experts to teach and inspire you to think out of the box!

Our ultimate goal is to unite with other like-minded individuals to create an eco-friendly community of others that are passionate about the tiny home, sustainable and homesteading lifestyle.

We want to live a debt free life where our gratitude comes from the time we share together and the memories we make along the way. Sometimes less is so much more.



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